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Is life fantasy or reality?

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Classic and Melodic Rock

Cartesian Dreams performs popular cover songs by a selection of artists in the Classic and Melodic rock style. Everything from audience favourites to more recent commercial airplay songs are included.

Cartesian Dreams was formed in 2009, when members from the Ottawa area met and realized they each had a common goal and interest in the music. The name comes from the philosopher/mathematician René Descartes, who wondered how to tell the difference between dreams and reality.

Cartesian Dreams are a full instrument and vocal group, comprised of 5 members:

  • Jules Drew - Lead Vocals and Keyboards
  • Chuck Charlton - Bass and back vocals
  • Mike Waugh - Guitar and back vocals
  • Jean Toussaint - Keyboards, Guitar and back vocals
  • Doug Ems - Drums and back vocals

The members of Cartesian Dreams have experience in the music business with a wide selection of groups, covering the last twenty years. Their collective experiences are brought to the band, resulting in a tight, upbeat, entertaining performance.

Cartesian Dreams are playing in Ottawa-Gatineau region nightclub venues.

Cartesian Dreams supplies all instruments, amplifiers, stands, and microphones for live shows. Stage lighting and house P.A. (public address) system accommodations are negotiated through the Standardized Performance Agreement included in this package.

For smaller venues, Cartesian Dreams will run sound and lighting from onstage. For larger venues, a sound and/or lighting person will be provided, as per the terms of the Standardized Performance Agreement available on this website.


Our Next Concerts

Thursday April 12, 2018 at 8:00PM at Brass Monkey
located at 250 Greenbank Road, Ottawa.

Our Last Concerts

Fantasy, Hot Blooded, I Hate Myself for Loving You and more

Cartesian Dreams at the Ottawa Bassline Pub on May 19, 2015.
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Come Together

Cartesian Dreams of Ottawa, performing "Come Together", September 28, 2012.
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Stuck in the Middle

Cartesian Dreams of Ottawa, performing "Stuck in the Middle" by Stealer's Wheel, September 28, 2012.
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Sample Booking Agreement

Standardized Performance Agreement

View or download the following documents (PDF) for details regarding booking Cartesian Dreams including:

  • Date
  • Time and place of performance
  • Compensation
  • Accomodations
  • Cancellation
  • Additional Terms

Standardized Performance Agreement:

Sample song list :

Complete song list :

Band Bios

Band member Fast Facts

Jules Drew

Jules Dew
  • Instrument: Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Percussions
  • Artist Influences: Heart, Janis Joplin, Pretenders, Pat Benatar, Aretha Franklin, Blondie, Led Zeppelin, Joan Osborne, Andrews Sisters, CSNY, Joan Jett, Ozzy, Patsy Cline, Jane Child, Concrete Blonde
  • Favourite Albums: not an album person
  • Years Playing: 12
  • Pet Peeves: People who say they're going to do something and then don't.
  • Other hobbies: Textiles, softball, reading
  • Trivia fact: Performed twice in the Hard Rock Cafe in Moscow, Russia

Chuck Charlton

Chuck Charlton
  • Instrument: Bass guitar, back vocals
  • Artist Influences: range from Geddy Lee and Cameron Hawkins to Stu Hamm and Billy Sheehan, and everything in between with special mention to Stanley Clarke and Jeff Berlin whose music really pushed me to be better.
  • Favourite Albums: Moving Pictures: Rush, Black Noise: FM, Fragile: Yes
  • Years Playing: 30+
  • Pet Peeves: Bad Drivers and Evangelists
  • Other hobbies: Rock Climbing, Dragon Boating, Stargazing
  • Trivia fact: I have played in many different styles and genres of music from Rock to Reggae and Country to Celtic bands: Mann, Stormwatch, Shattered Glass, Rootless, Fandango, No Left Turn, Fiddleheads, Black Cherry, Vendetta and believe it or not, with the Trenton 8 wing pipe and drum band.

Mike Waugh

Michel Normand
  • Instrument: Guitar and back vocals
  • Artist Influences: KISS, House of Lords, Journey, Van Halen, Night Ranger, Eddie Money, Brian "Too Loud" MacLeod, George Lynch, Danny Danzi, The Partridge Family
  • Favourite Albums:COBRA: First Strike , GIUFFRIA: Silk + Steel, SARAYA: When the Blackbird Sings, VELOCITY: Impact
  • Years Playing: well over 20!
  • Pet Peeves: Drinks on Equipment!
  • Other hobbies: Cabinetmaking, Guitar Building
  • Trivia fact: I have sung onstage at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California (yes, the real one!)

Jean Toussaint

Jean Toussaint
  • Instrument: Keyboards, Guitar, back vocals
  • Artist Influences: Yes, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Genesis, Gentle Giant
  • Favourite Albums: in fact it is a song: On Reflection from Gentle Giant, especially the live version on album Playing The Fool
  • Years Playing: 15/30 (played a lot as a teen/young adult and came back at it a few years ago)
  • Pet Peeves: phone telemarketing spam (even if I signed up the removal list)
  • Other hobbies: Handyman (fixing things at home)
  • Trivia fact: A caesium atomic clock will gain/lose 1 second in 138 million years.

Doug Ems

Doug Ems
  • Instrument: Drums, back vocals
  • Artist Influences: As opposed to artists, there are songs in which the drumming has influenced and inspired me such as Land of a Thousand Dances by Wilson Pickett - the most in the pocket groove ever; Superunknown by Soundgarden - tasty hi hat phrasing; Louie Louie by The Kingsmen - chaotic, sloppy magic pre-Keith Moon. There is a ton more!
  • Favourite Albums: Anything by the Beatles, Razamanaz (Nazareth), Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath)
  • Years Playing: 35 and change
  • Pet Peeves: People with more than 8 items in the express check out lane
  • Other hobbies: Crossword puzzles, rock music trivia, beer league hockey
  • Trivia fact: My 6th degree of separation from the Beatles is that I once played in a band with a guy who toured with ex-Rolling Stone guitarist Mick Taylor
Is life fantasy or reality?


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